This section includes free downloadable resources that will help you get back into work. 

Using the Web to Job Search

An increasing number of jobs are being posted on the Internet, but trying to find your way around all the sites can be quite a challenge.  To help you get started, download the lists of  sector specific and general job searching websites which our job club users have found helpful.

Preparation for Work Courses

MBL has funding from Hampshire Learning to run short courses (6-10 hours) to help people get back into work.

Download our current programme and give us a call to find out more about how these courses can help you improve your employability.

Job Club Timetables

Looking for work and applying for work can be a lonely task and often needs good Internet access and confidence with computer skills.  If you would like professional support in a friendly atmosphere, come along to one of our Job Clubs.

Download the April – July  timetable and give us a call to make an appointment or for more details.

Job Club Venues – Maps and Directions

There are Job Clubs in four different locations across Rushmoor.

Download these maps and directions to help you find the venue which is best for you.

Making a good impression with your CV

Not knowing how to set out your CV can be a barrier to making a start on it and writing about yourself is not always easy!

The downloads below can help you with format, content and making the best impression.

Example format to help you set out your CV

Handy tips to help you prepare your CV

Personal statement examples sheet to help you get started

A Mum’s CV

Many parents returning to work after looking after children feel they do not have the skills required for employment.  A Mum’s CV explains how skills learned at home are transferable to the workplace

Download A Mum’s CV to help you support parents returning to work

Work ethics

Good work ethics are very important to keeping a job; here are 10 handy tips to help you understand more about what is meant by work ethics.

Download the tips to help give you a better understanding