ESF prime contractors

Who we work with

ESF prime contractors

We have been a sub contractor on a range of ESF projects since 2002. Our most recent portfolio of contracts (2008-11) represent a value of £300,000, with 100% overall achievement against original targets.

Prime contractors we worked with for 2008 – 2011 funding round include CfBT Skills for Life at Work, Babcock Enterprise  and Surrey Care Trust

Our project work is based in North Hampshire and around the Surrey/Hampshire borders. MBL is equally successful in workplace and community contexts delivering short courses in soft skills, literacy and numeracy, preparation for work and a one to one mentoring service to support individuals into employment and with their personal development.

Prime contractors working with us benefit from

  • 10 years trading experience with expertise in employability
  • Exceptional quality of delivery – 100% feedback from participants rates the service as excellent/ good
  • Our ability to support the complete participant journey
  • Added value, including progression outcomes, improved self-esteem and increased responsibility of participants

Case study: Reach Out project

The Reach Out project was funded by ESF/DWP and ran across Hampshire. MBL were responsible for delivery of the project in Aldershot and Farnborough and worked with over 120 participants, providing a one to one employability support service.

Kelly worked with the Reach Out project from March to December 2010. During that time he received one to one mentoring and support to help him build confidence in searching for and finding employment in accounts work. As a result of the Reach Out programme, Kelly secured a full time, permanent job as an accounts assistant.

“At first, I was very concerned about my future prospects and my chances of gaining employment (particularly in my preferred field of accounts). However, working with Gill White has completely changed my opinion.

I have now learnt important interview skills, how to search for jobs, completely changed my CV (which was very poor to begin with) and have gained important new qualifications which I had always been lacking in the past.

Gill found and enrolled me on the Sage course at Oak Farm Community School and has also helped me to find several voluntary jobs which have helped me to get back in the habit of working.

All of this has helped to boost my confidence (which had been very low at the start). Even though I now feel that I am able to keep moving forward on my own, I will definitely miss the tremendous support that has been provided by Gill White and Reach Out. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Kelly, Reach Out Participant